Under the support of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic China (SIPO) and Shanghai Municipal Government, Tongji University has established the Shanghai International College of Intellectual Property (hereinafter: SICIP), based on its IP Institute (hereinafter: Tongji IP) in November 2016.

The Tongji IP, established in March 2003, cultivates inter-disciplinary talents in IP, law and management by high level of Master, PhD and Post-doctor, by taking the advantages of Tongji University in the engineering discipline and in the cooperation platform to Germany (Europe). It invites Prof. Dr. h.c. Joseph Straus, former director of Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition in Germany as the Advisory Dean, Prof. Dr. TIAN Lipu, the former director of the SIPO and Prof. ZHENG Chengsi, the member of Law Committee of the National People 's Congress / the director of Intellectual Property Center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences / famous IP expert as Honorary Dean.

Tongji IP has gathered a number of famous domestic and foreign academics and a group of potential young scholars. Specifically, there are 5 professors, (supervisors of PhD, 3 of them are nominated as members of the National IP Expert Advisory Committee and 3 professors are the National IP Leading Talents), 10 associate professors, and 2 assistant professors. All faculty members have PhD degree, while 5 of them obtained PhD degree from well-known overseas universities. In addition, Tongji IP invites domestic and abroad famous scholars as adjunct or visiting professor, appoints famous IP judges and lawyers as supervisor to guide student legal practice.  

Tongji IP keeps a long-term relationship with Max Planck institute for innovation and competition (MPI), Ludwig-Maximilians- Universitat München (LMU),Humboldt University of Berlin, Konstanz University, Polytechnic University of Turin, University of Florence, Hanken School of Economics in Finland, US Patent and Trademark Office, George Washington University, Russia’s National Institute of Intellectual Property etc.

The development of SICIP is strongly supported by the ministry of Education, CNIPA and Shanghai Municipality. CNIPA built many teaching and research platforms at Tongji University as “National Patent Protection Base”, “National Intellectual Property Training Base (Shanghai)”, “National Intellectual Property Strategy Research Base”. The Supreme People's Court established the Research Center of IP Judicial Protection. Research Center of China-EU Innovation Policy and Law is with the support of Ministry of Science and Technology.

The SICIP will gather international excellent faculties and build an international top sustainable development-oriented discipline in Intellectual Property, a world-class international high-end Intellectual Property training platform and a global think tank for sustainable development and intellectual property research. The SICIP will be in charge of the Board of directors by the Dean Responsibility System, under which are the International Advisory Committee, International Academic Committee and Executive Committee. All the faculties of the SICIP will be selected by the global recruitment and managed by contract.


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