First Class Meeting of 2022 WIPO-Tongji MIP Program and Chinese Government IP Master Degree Program Class
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On August 29th, 2022, the first class meeting of 2022 WIPO-Tongji MIP Program and Chinese Government IP Master Degree Program ClassWIPO-Tongji MIP and B&R MIP Classin SICIP was held online. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, 25 Chinese students and 26 international students from all over the world came and gathered together to hold the cloud class meeting of the WIPO-Tongji MIP and B&R MIP Class across 21 countries.



First of all, the tutor of international program Mr. Di Liu played a video introducing the background of SICIP. He hoped that international students can accept the challenges of online learning at home and overcome difficulties. He advised all students to establish study groups in order to study together and help each other. Miss Han and Miss Yu introduced the study arrangement and the rules that should be followed in master study. During the period, Assistant Professor Wang Yukai, the representative of the outstanding class teachers in the past, also gave kindful answers to the questions raised by the students.


Q&A by Miss Han and Miss Yu


Subsequently, the representative of outstanding senior Wang Peng shared his experience, including general introduction about WIPO-Tongji MIP Program, some tips about the study in SICIP and more information about Tongji University.


Speech by Representative of Outstanding Senior Wang Peng


In the next session, under the auspices of Mr. Liu, 51 new students introduced themselves in turn. The students expressed that they were very lucky to join the WIPO-Tongji MIP and B&R MIP Class of SICIP and attend classes with students from different countries. Despite the pressure of the course, they were ready to meet all kinds of challenges and were looking forward to gaining something in the class and hoped to meet face-to-face with their classmates in the near future.


Yan Mengxi (from China in WIPO program): It is a great honor to participate in the WIPO program and communicate with students who love Intellectual Property at home and abroad. During the meeting, I felt everyone's expectations for the new semester, as well as the college's support for the program. This inspires me to participate in study and practice more seriously in the future, bravely meet new challenges, seize the opportunities of the times, and make my own contribution to the development of national and even international Intellectual Property cause.


Jianghan Zhou (from China in WIPO program): I am very lucky to be part of the WIPO program. It means I have the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable teachers and interact with fellow students who are passionate about IP. I hope we can all gain something from the WIPO program, and I look forward to meeting the students face to face at Tongji University.


GETS OKSANA (from Russian Federation in WIPO-Tongji MIP and B&R MIP Class) I am extremely excited about the prospect of studying for a master's program at Tongji University. Faculty staff from the very beginning showed their interest and readiness to help foreign students in adapting to new learning conditions within the framework of Chinese specifics. I am really grateful to the lecturers and Chinese classmates for their support and willingness to help. This allows you to gain knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere and with full confidence in your abilities. I can't wait until we all meet on campus as I expect a lot from interpersonal and professional communication with colleagues and teachers. I have no doubts that the IP school will become an excellent platform for networking and exchange of experience.


YUE MONA MARIA (from Sweden in WIPO-Tongji MIP and B&R MIP Class): It is my honor to be selected for the MIP program. Having studied IP through WIPO courses before, I am eager to attend lectures at Tongji taught by esteemed IP professionals, researchers, and organizational representatives. At the same time, it gives me great joy and excitement to be a part of such an international class. I hope to learn IP in both theory and practise, and to develop into IP professionals together. I look forward to meeting all my fellow classmates and teachers in person, as we embark on this new journey.


Self-Introduction by New Students