CHANG Xuhua  

Dr. Professor

Shanghai International College of Intellectual Property, Tongji University

NO. 1239 Siping Rd, Shanghai China P.R.

Prof. CHANG obtained his PhD degree in Management from Tongji University and PhD degree in Philosophy from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He currently servies as Editor-in-Chief of Aisa Pacific Journal of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. His research embraces Innovation public policy, University technology transfer, Entrepreneurial behavior in higher education and has published widely in these fields in management journals. He is also the supervisor of PhD student working on university innovation and entrepreneurship.

Research Interest

▪University technology transfer

▪patent management

▪Innovation ecosystem

▪Innovation public policy

Research Projects

▪How to balance all stakeholders’ benefit in the university technology transfer: From the perspective of process management (National Science Foundation Committee (funded by NSFC, 2017)

▪Research on multi-objective decision making in the whole process of university patent transfer and related incentive system to improve organizational citizen behaviors (funded by NSFC, 2020)

Selected recent publication list

▪Xuhua CHANG, Lei GONG, Yali ZHU. Evaluation of economic incentives for Chinese university patent transfers: Is increasing the inventor[J].Research Evaluation,2024,Publish online,doi:10.1093/reseval/rvad039.

▪Xuhua CHANG, Patrick SW FONG, Qiang CHEN. Coordination contracts in university technology transfer chain[J]. Knowledge Management Research & Practice, 2020,2(18):234-247.

▪Patrick S.W. FONG, Xuhua CHANG*, Qiang CHEN. Faculty patent assignment in the Chinese mainland: Evidence from 35 top patent application universities[J]. The Journal of Technology Transfer. 2018,(43):69-95.

▪Xuhua CHANG, Qiang CHEN, Patrick S.W. FONG. University invention disclosure: Balancing the right stage and type[J]. The Journal of Technology Transfer,2017,(42):510-537.

▪Xuhua CHANG, Qiang CHEN, Patrick S.W. FONG. Scientific disclosure and commercialization mode selection for university technology transfer[J]. Science and Public Policy. 2016. 43(1): 85-101.