Students of International Master Programs Passed Thesis Proposal Successfully
Time:2018-04-08        Views:305

On April 1, 2018, the students' Thesis Proposal and Working Plan for Academic Master Degree of WIPO-Tongji MIP in Design Program (WIPO-Tongji Program) and One Belt & One Road IP Program ( Belt & Road Program) have been passed successfully. Each student put great efforts for preparation guided by his/her supervisor. Main purpose of thesis proposal is to ensure that master candidates have chosen proper topic for the master thesis and to provide the opportunity for them to receive the comments and guidance from other professors in the SICIP.

Since the launch of WIPO-Tongji Program and Belt & Road Program in September 2017, the two international programs have been operated with success. Students make researches in the field of Intellectual Property from various perspectives, from the development of specific issues to the comparative study of mechanisms between different countries etc. Through the writing of the dissertation, the students will expand their academic research capabilities and gain rich results from the researches.

Professors of Group 2 gave suggestion and provided guidance to students

Student of Group 3 introduce the importance of the thesis topic