Counsellor of WIPO Academy Gave Lectures at the SICIP
Time:2018-09-20        Views:94

On September 19, 2018, Ms. Martha Chikowore, counsellor of WIPO Academy, gave a lecture to students of SICIP.

Ms. Martha Chikowore introduced the basic information of WIPO and the international treaties administered by WIPO, and introduced some important contents, member states and important rules of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). In addition, Ms. Martha Chikowore explained the definition and protection of trademarks to students, starting with Coca-Cola as an example. She also summarized the important role of the international legal system and of WIPO for the protection of geographical indications. Then, she raised several global issues of major concern in the world, including climate change, public health, and food safety.

Ms. Martha Chikowore pointed out the value and importance of traditional knowledge, and she believed that traditional knowledge would also be protected as a form of intellectual property in the future.