Practical Teaching Activities of International Students Have Been Conducted by SICIP
Time:2017-11-23        Views:185

In order to meet the teaching needs of the lecture of "Protection of Traditional Knowledge" for graduate students and to acquire a better understanding  of Traditional Chinese Medicine, first-year international students are organized by Shanghai International College of Intellectual Property (SICIP)  , going to Shanghai Shuguang Hospital and Museum of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine on November 17, 2017. This fieldtripwas led by associate Professor CAO Lirong and Ph.D. student SONG Jian.


At 8:30 a.m., international students gathered at the gate of Tongji University and went to Shanghai Shuguang Hospital, which is the first station of this fieldtrip. Shanghai Shuguang Hospital with a long established history is one of the top ten  hospitals in Shanghai and was foundedin 1906. YAO Jiawen, a staff of the hospital, showed the international students around the Hospital. The students first visited the traditional Chinese medical (TCM) pharmacy , and then visited the treatment department of TCM. International students observed  TCM clinical treatment and constantly proposed questionswhich they were interested. The international students had got  a deeper understanding of TCM, acupuncture and massage after visiting and studying.