2017 Orientation Ceremony for New Students of SICIP and Orientation Ceremony for WIPO-Tongji MIP in Design and the B&R MIP
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 September 19th 2017, the Opening Ceremony for new students of Shanghai International College of Intellectual Property (SICIP), which was also the Opening Ceremony for WIPO-Tongji Master Degree Program in Intellectual Property Law with Specialization in Design (WIPO-Tongji MIP in Design) and the Belt and Road Master Program of Intellectual Property (the Belt and Road MIP) was held at Room 1002 Zonghe Building by SICIPThe following senior officials participated in the ceremony, Executive Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Academy Mr. Sherif Saadallah, Vice Commissioner of State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) Mr. HE Zhimin, Director ofInternational Cooperation Department of SIPO Mr. WU Kai, Vice-Secretary Director of Shanghai Municipal  Government Mr. WU Xuelin, President of Tongji University Mr. ZHONG Zhihua, former President of Tongji University Mr. PEI Gang, Vice President of Tongji University Mr. JIANG Bo, representatives from Shanghai High People 's Court, Shanghai Pudong New Area People's Court,  Fudan University, East China University of Political Science and Law and other universities in Shanghai, representatives from the departments and colleges in Tongji University. The senior dignitaries and professors extend the wishes and expectations to the 92 students from 21 countries.  Director General of Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration Mr. Lu Guoqiang  moderated the ceremony.

Mr.HE Zhimin stated that China's Intellectual Property Training Centre and WIPO have become training partnersince 2007 with the increasing cooperation in recent years. The WIPO-Tongji MIP in Design is not only an important measurement to implement the agreement on intellectual property rights cooperation between both sides, but also a significant outcome of in-depth cooperation intalents training. The Belt and Road MIP is an important act of the high-end IP talent training along the Belt and Road countries by SIPO. He believes that the Belt and Road MIP will provide great talents support for the implement of IP works in the Belt and Road countries, for the improvement of IP environment and for the further international IP cooperation.

Mr. Sherif Saadallahen lightened the audience about thework of WIPO and shared the other joint education programs and the development situation of participants studying in these programs. The SICIP is the youngest and the most promising member among all the partners;WIPO will continue to provide more support and help for the development of SICIP.   

Mr. Xielin Wu stated that the establishment of the SICIP at Tongji University is an importantact to implement the Memorandum of Understanding between the Shanghai Municipal Government and WIPO. It was also a significant achievement of Speeding up the Construction of the Central City of Intellectual Property Rights in Asia Pacific as well as an important achievement of implementing the Cooperation between the Departments. Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government will greatly support the construction of the college, integrate the IP resources according to the demand of discipline construction, contribute capital and programs, so as to provide a better environment for the development of SICIP.

Prof. Dr. Zhihua Zhong, on behalf Tongji Universityextended welcome to the new SICIPers from worldwide and expressed thanks toall the senior dignitaries and professionals. He informed the audience the talent cultivation value and recent educational achievements of Tongji University, urged students to pursue integrated development in morality, health, knowledge and aesthetics fields in the journey to construct Tongji University as the World-Class University. He confirmed that Tongji University will fully support SICIP with the aim of building a high-end talents training base under the guidance of WIPO, SIPO and Shanghai Municipal People's Government.

Prof. Dr. Xiaoguang Shan, Dean of SICIPintroduced the background, framework, international cooperation and faculty of the college.

Faculty representative, Prof. Arthur Wolff, expressed his own understanding of the special Chinese legal system and protection for IP. Student representatives Ms. CHU Chu and Mr. Filip Simjanovski gave their appreciation to SICIP for providing good facilities and excellent teaching faculties. They are looking forward to making effort, in order to be the high-end IP talents with the ability to communicate internationally.

The SICIP is founded in November 2016. It is an international high level IP talent cultivation platform, where Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government entrusted on Tongji University to integrate the IP teaching research resources in Shanghai. As the first international college for IP, SICIP makes great innovation in education patterns by inviting worldwide famous experts to give courses which are in English, at international level, and close to practice. The mission of SICIP is to be top level IP disciplinary college and think tank with global influence. Besides, SICIP aims on promoting many policy measures including state IP strengthening, Shanghai science-innovative center construction, IP center construction in Asian-Pacific region and Shanghai’s service fortheBelt oneRoad.