The New Year is approaching, in order to enrich the lives of teachers, students and alumni, and strengthen the contact between alumni at home and abroad, our college held an online New Year Salon on the evening of December 31, 2020. Prof. Song Xiaoting, the Chairman of SICIP Council of Tongji University, Associate Professor Jiang Nan, the Deputy Dean of SICIP, Assistant Professor Wang Yukai, and Ms. Han Yue attended the New Year Salon. More than 30 Chinese and international students and alumni from more than ten countries participated in the salon. Deputy Dean Jiang Nan hosted the Salon.

Prof. Song Xiaoting, the Chairman of SICIP Council of Tongji University, extended cordial greetings and blessings to the teachers, students, and alumni participated in the activity. He hoped that teachers, students, and alumni will pay attention to epidemic prevention, keep health, and strengthen exchanges in academic research, life, and culture.

Teachers, students, and alumni online had in-depth exchanges on learning, academic research, and life, and the atmosphere of the salon was hot.

MOHSIN ALI, from Pakistan in 2019 introduced his study and life in Tongji University such as courses, lectures, practical activities, cultural experience activities, and epidemic prevention. He said Thanks to Tongji University for providing excellent learning and living environment which is efficiently and safely managed, and suggested that it should be made to strengthen the contact between teachers, students, and alumni at home and abroad, hoped to do his best to promote exchanges between China and Pakistan.

CHAWARIKA JAMES, from Zimbabwe in 2018, reviewed his learning experience in China. It was very rewarding to study China’s intellectual property system at SICIP. It was quite inspirational for the innovative development of Zimbabwe. He said Thanks to the teachers and supervisors for Encouragement and help when he encountered problems in study and research, he hoped to come to China to attend the graduation ceremony.

FAHIMEH RASTEGAR , from Iran in 2020, said that he was very happy to have the opportunity to study at SICIP. Affected by the epidemic, freshmen can only take classes online, but with the efforts of university and college, the quality of the courses is still high. She will work hard to overcome the jet lag and hopes to have the opportunity to come to Shanghai to study.

Jhunjhunwala SHALINI, from Nepal in 2017, believed that the learning experience of the WIPO master's program is very valuable and very helpful to work. She has become a partner of the law firm and is interested in further education.

GADZHIEVA ZARA , from Russia in 2017, pointed out that the knowledge and methods learned in China are valuable and practical, which will help improve work efficiency. She shared the mentality and methods of thesis writing.

SHINDIMBA KANGURO GERTRUD, from Namibia in 2017, believed that the content of the salon is very meaningful and hopes to strengthen the connection with alumni.

GHANSAH ERIC, from Ghana in 2018, thanked for the opportunity to participate in the project, reported the progress of the study, raised questions in the study, and expressed that he would continue to work hard.

Associate Dean Jiang Nan made a closing speech. She pointed out that this salon is a good attempt and will invite more teachers, students, and alumni to participate in the exchange in the future. Thanks to students for their comments and suggestions on the construction of the college, the college will continue to improve the contact network of international students. In the future, the college will carry out various forms of academic and cultural activities, and she hoped everyone will actively participate.