Prof. Dr. Hanns Ullrich Gave Lectures of Competition Policy and IP to WIPO and B&R Students
Time:2018-01-22        Views:293

From January 9 to 11, 2018, Prof. Dr. Hanns Ullrich, associate researcher of Max-Planck-Institute for innovation and competition,provided WIPO and B&R students a series of lectures of Competition Policy and IP, including Introduction to the IP and Antitrust Interface, principles of EU Competition Law, application of EU competition rules to IP agreements, restrictive technology transfer agreements and market power and IP etc.


During the classes, Prof. Ullrich gave students a general introduction of competition law in order to provide an overall perspective of EU competition law to students. In the main part of the seminar, he focused on competition policy concerning technology transfer (TT) and illustrated how to understand and determine the anti-competitive technology transfer agreements in the framework of EU competition law, especially pursuant to Art 101 TFEU. Moreover, Prof. Ullrich explained the possible competition policy concern relating to agreements of joint exploitation, R&D cooperation and controlling market access and so on. In the final part, he introduced the prohibition of abuse of dominance involving IP in the EU briefly. The classic and recent judgements or decisions were integrated into seminar, to facilitate the students to understand the practice of interaction between competition policy and IP protection in the EU.


For the further studying of the students, Prof. Ullrich suggested students to follow the lastest development of competition policy relating to IP in the major jurisdictions, both in rules and cases, since in the era of globalization and new technology revolution, it seems common interests for all the countries with competition law to figure out the best solution for balancing competition policy and IP protection.