Delegation of University of Tartu visited SICIP

On March 28, 2017, the delegation of University of Tartu visited the Shanghai International College of Intellectual Property, professors of University of Tartu from the School of Law, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and Faculty of Social Science together with Prof. Shan Xiaoguang, Prof. Li Mingde, associate Prof. Cheng Deli and associate Prof. Yu Xinmiao as the representatives of SICIP at the meeting.


Prof. Raul Eamets, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Science, made a brief introduction on the University of Tartu and the international cooperation firstly. Prof. Urmas Varblane, as the Director of the Center for Asian and Emerging Market Research, presented the international cooperation and English programs of the School of Law, especially on the IT Law Program which is a research and study program created in 2014 with the aim of producing highly qualified legal specialists in the field of information technology law. The School of Law at the University of Tartu attaches great importance to the cross-disciplinary research perspective on the technological development and innovation. Prof. Irene Kull carried out academic issues on general harmonization processes of European law as well as on a number of specific instruments and on legal challenges regarding new technologies and practices etc., hope may have students exchange and common research with SICIP in the future.


Colleagues of SICIP welcome the delegation visit to Tongji University and introduce the profile of SICIP, particularly on the cooperation with European countries, including the WIPO-Tongji Master’s Degree Program in Intellectual Property Law with Specialization in Design and “Belt and Road” Master Program of Intellectual Property. Both University of Tartu and SICIP will make further communication on the specific cooperation issues later.

University of Tartu is the strongest research university in Estonia with over 1300 international students from more than 90 countries. It has 74 university partners in 29 countries and is an active member of Erasmus+, ESEP, AEN etc. student exchange networks. The School of Law was founded in 1632 and become one of the most important law schools in Estonia.



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