WIPO-Tongji Master's Degree Program in Intellectual Property Law with Specialization in Design (MIP in Design)

Program Introduction:

Under the support of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the  State Intellectual Property Office of the PR China (SIPO) and Shanghai Municipal  Government, the Shanghai International College of Intellectual Property is  established by Tongji University based on its IP Institute in November 2016,  which is the 7th National Intellectual Property Rights of High-end Talent  Training Base, as well as the Belt and Road Chinese Government IPR Scholarship  Program Base entrusted by Chinese Ministry of Education and SIPO.

The program is offered in cooperation with WIPO, the international level will  be covered extensively and comparative law aspects will be included, with  European Union law serving as the primary paradigm of regional protection  systems. The learning experience will be further enhanced and inspired by  contributions from the College of Design and Innovation at Tongji University as  well as by the involvement of specialized judges and practitioners experienced  in the field. All the courses will be implemented in English language, in  modular teaching and in way that close to practice. With the international,  interdisciplinary and cooperative platform of the SICIP, the world-class  researchers and experts in Intellectual Property will gather here to provide  high-quality courses. Graduates of the Program can work for domestic and foreign  governments, judicial institutions or enterprises that having intellectual  property business etc., especially the departments and international  organizations engaging in foreign business in intectual property.

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